Published: May 11, 2021

Genre: Thriller, Psychological, LGBTQ

Available: eBook, Paperback, Large Print, Audiobook

Anyone would join a cult under the right circumstances.

What does it mean to belong to something greater, even if greater isn’t necessarily good?

Remi Bell has felt restless and empty all his life.

Can’t be helped when he grew up in the quiet unincorporated community of Wolfcreek, West Virginia. He has best friends Etta and Cooper, but when Cooper brings around new girlfriend, intense and insightful Fern, Remi starts to question who he is and what really makes life worth living. He and his friends soon find themselves in what they suspect is a cult hidden away in the forests of Norway. In the midst of charged fights, strange rituals, and the trade of secrets, Remi can’t help but be drawn to Theo Ruud, the enigmatic man who leads the compound. Remi knows something isn’t quite right, especially considering Theo’s violent right hand man, Kipp.

The only problem is Remi has never felt more at home…

What Are Others Saying?

"A great mix of m/m attraction and thriller/suspense. Highly recommended if you are either an m/m or true crime fan."
"Great contribution to LGBT fiction and full of unexpected turns!"
"Wow, I didn't know what I was getting into when I started this one! It was excellent...great writing, engaging main characters and a plot like none other I've read!"